Do YOU Love Everything Disney?
Then You’ll Love Our Mouse Gate Book Series


Initially, books in the series will center on Walt Disney® locations around the world (this could include Theme Parks, Disney Cruise Lines or any of Disney’s more than 500 resorts worldwide).

Stories in subsequent books (using the same storyline concept) may include other popular recreational places of interest to our target audience.

Depending of the series, the books can range from 100 to 350 pages. Within these adventure stories you will, with our heroes, be propelled into fantastic worlds filled with humor, mystery, thrills, action, cliff-hangers, twists and turns, and maybe even a little romance. We can’t say that every book with have all of these elements but they will all leave you wanting more!

It is our plan to make each of these stories available immediately in the following paperback and digital book (eBook) formats with Audio books soon to follow.

What the Future Holds
As the series develops, Mouse Gate also plans to publish condensed versions (about 24 to 32 pages) for younger full-color Children’s books, as well; some titles could be selected for conversion to full-color print and/or online graphic novels.

It is also our plan, that with the future success of these series, the opportunity to collaborate with others to produce movies and/or a TV series, with episodes based on individual books in the series.

Mouse Gate is a collection of 4 separate adventure series, written for the Pre-school, Pre-teens, Teens, and all those young at heart. These books, much like the Pirates: The Midnight Passage™, are written in a style and with content to appeal to readers of all ages.

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Locations to choose from
Walt Disney World,     DisneyLand,     Toyko Disney, Disneyland Paris     Hong Kong DisneylandMagic Kingdom,     Animal Kingdom,     Hollywood Studios,     Epcot,
Discovery land,     Critter Country,      New Orleans Square

Types of Titles
Action,     Adventure,     Christian,      Crime,     Detective,     Espionage, Fairy Tales,     Fantasy,      Folk Tales,     Futuristic,     Ghost,     High Tech, Legends,     Mythology,      Mystery,     Military,     Paranormal, Religious,      Romance,     Science Fiction,     Sea Stories,      Suspense, Time Travel,     Thrillers,     Villains,      War,     Westerns

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