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Michael Angley
Child Finder
Child Finder – Resurrection
Child Finder – Revelation

Colonel Michael “Mike” Angley retired from the United States Air Force in September 2007 following a rewarding 25 year career as a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI).  He held thirteen different assignments throughout the world, among which were five tours as a Commander of various units, to include two Air Force OSI Squadrons and a Region, the equivalent of a Wing.

David Axelrod
The Speedway

Dr. David Belk
ONE THING’S FOR SURE: Life is Uncertain
Rise Above!

Dr. David Belk serves as senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Friendswood, Texas. He received a Master of Divinity with Biblical Languages and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of Underneath Islam’s Veil (Total Recall Publishing). He and his wife, Meredith have three children, Micah, Caleb and Meagan. They have made their home in League City, Texas.

Frank Borelli
American Thinking

Lt. Frank Borelli (ret) has enjoyed a 25+ year career which includes significant experience in law enforcement, the military and as a contractor to the United States Army.  In addition to his work on various government projects, Frank is the creator of Contextual Intuition Theory, the next evolution in adult learning as applied to the contemporary warrior and battlefield.  Frank is a nationally recognized subject matter expert on the integration of current and developmental military technologies into the civilian law enforcement arena, as well as Use of Force, Officer Survival and Combat Arms training for law enforcement.

Luke Boyd
Coon Dogs and Outhouses – Volume 1
Coon Dogs and Outhouses – Volume 2

Dr. Lucas G. “Luke” Boyd first saw the light of day in a three-room shotgun house on Jabe Dunaway’s place near Anguilla, Mississippi.  It was the depths of the Depression.  His father had lost everything and had returned to the land to feed his family.  However, within a few years he was managing one of those sprawling, 2,000-plus acre cotton plantations the Delta was known for.  This plantation culture of his early years left an indelible mark on young Luke.

A stroke of good fortune and a good scholarship allowed him to attend The University of Mississippi, where he earned a B.S.  degree.  During his career he attended a total of five universities, three of which saw fit to grant him degrees:  Middle Tennessee State University (M.S.), The University of Tennessee (Ph.D.  in English History).  Stints at The University of North Carolina and The University of Chattanooga were for special study in Economics and Far Eastern History, respectively.

Bob Doerr
Cold Winter’s Kill
Dead Men Can Kill
Loose Ends Kill
No One Else to Kill

Author Bob Doerr grew up in a military family, attended the Air Force Academy, and then had a career of his own in the Air Force.  It was a life style that had him moving every three or four years, but also one that exposed him to the people and cultures of numerous countries in Asia, Europe and to most of these United States.  In the Air Force, Bob specialized in criminal investigations and counterintelligence gaining significant insight to the worlds of crime, espionage and terrorism.  In addition to his degree from the Academy he also has a Masters in International Relations from Creighton University.

Ann K. Gebuhr

Herman Groman
Pigeon Spring

Herman Groman is a retired FBI Special Agent and is the current director of security at large Las Vegas casino/hotel.  While in the FBI, he specialized in working deep long-term undercover operations as an undercover agent in the areas of organized crime and narcotics.  He also served as the agent in charge of several high-profile public official corruption investigations.  Later on in his FBI career, he was a team leader of one of the FBI Special Operations Groups.  The specialized group conducted surveillances of major terrorist cell groups and their associates.  He served in the infantry in Vietnam and was awarded the purple-heart and bronze star for valor.  He resides in Las Vegas with his wife.  They have two adult daughters and four grandchildren.

James Hannibal
The Pirate Hunter Series

Best-selling thriller writer Clive Cussler describes James Hannibal’s storytelling as “suspenseful.”  He’s the kind of writer that “keeps you turning the pages until the exciting finale.

“What a thrill ride!  Incredible!  Suspenseful, vivid…a cross between National Treasure and Pirates of the Caribbean.”
Jenny Rose, Writing.com reviewer

M.L. Hollinger
Regen the Bremen

James E. Honey
Way of the Wizards – New Blood
Way of the Wizards – New Beginnings

James has been involved in energy healing for close to 30 years.  He is engaged with writing to help overcome obstacles with his dyslexia and learning difficulties, which no amount of healing can alter.  Since retiring to Wales, James devotes more time to his writing.

James’ ambitions as a writer are to communicate, entertain and give something back for what he has received.

The author of many short stories, James has authored Warrior’s Way and co-authored Purple Moon He has since authored several short stories that have been published by the Alternative Natural Philosophy Association.

Sahira Javaid
Bitter Sweet
Hot Ice

Sahira Javaid graduated from Gloucester high school and currently studies in Algonquin College.  She is eighteen years old and lives with her father, her mother and her younger brother in Ottawa Ontario.  She has had one poem published in the Anthology Whispers on The Wind by the Poetry Institute of Canada named:  “I’m Trying”.

George Mavro
Operation Medina – Jihad
Operation Medina – The Crusade

George Mavro is a 24 year Air Force, security force veteran.  He served over 22 years stationed in Europe, eight of those in Greece.  He holds degrees in Government and International Relations.  He presently lives in Florida with his wife and two sons.

Terry Moran
My Enemy’s Face
The Miami Files

Terry Moran made a career in law enforcement for 28 years before retiring from Federal service in 2008. Five years were spent working undercover narcotics which gives him a unique insight in some of the stories he builds his books around. He also worked various crimes like bank robberies, kidnappings and financial fraud. After retiring he works closely with people needing high level security clearances.

Raveena Nash
It’s All An Illusion!
Rise Above!

Nancy C. Powell
Dark Secrets

Nancy Powell is married, the mother of two children, and six grandchildren.  She is a member of the Church of Christ, a member of River Valley Writers of Fort Smith, Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc., and Roundtable Poets.

Education – University of Arkansas, Little Rock.

Career – Retired from the City of Fort Smith with 29 years of service as Traffic Coordinator.  Her job involved working with city, county, state, and federal representatives to implement traffic control devices.  She also worked with utility companies, engineers, the police department, city directors, and citizens.

Steve A. Reeves

Captain Steve A. Reeves started flying airplanes from a dirt strip located adjacent to a cotton field in northeast Arkansas.  He took great pride in his ability to chase rabbits down the plowed rows of the fields — and live to tell about it.  However, it didn’t take long for him to realize that chasing rabbits didn’t pay very well.  He packed his bags and headed to the University of Kentucky.

Upon graduating from college, he accepted a commission in the United States Navy.  After one tour of duty, he thought that he’d had enough of flying and returned to the civilian world to pursue a career in construction management.  One day while standing in the middle of a job site, Steve looked up in the sky to watch a commercial airliner fly over.  The attraction was too powerful — he knew that he had to return to the sky.

Twenty-one years later, Steve has logged over 12,500 hours in civilian, military, and commercial aircraft.  He is a captain for a major airline and resides in Texas with his wife, Stacy, and their two daughters, Keegan and Kayleigh.

Adrianne Sainte-Eve

Adrianne Sainte-Eve was born in Budapest Hungary, and spent her childhood in, Quebec, Regina, Saskatchewan, and Vancouver, B.C. in Canada.  She is a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago and Northern Illinois University, and currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Alice Shapiro
Life – Descending/Ascending

When asked why she writes poems, Ms. Shapiro says that poetry uses words in their full potential and it colors our perceptions.  Through the use of language, rhythm, and metaphor poetry is a more expressive power than ordinary associations which can become extraordinary.  Poetry aims at truth to sharpen rather than distort perception.  “My mind is stimulated,” she says.  “It is hard work but certainly worth it.”

Vince Stella
Interview With a Boomer

Born in the culture-rich Little Italy community of New York City, and raised among the new suburban neighborhoods of Long Island in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, Vince Stella has painted an articulate picture of growing up during the phenomenon called the baby boom.  He shares his anecdotes and experiences in this unique history of the boomers by recalling what it was like to live during a time of wonder as children, excitement as teenagers, and of experimentation and anger as young adults.  Using notable iconic events of the era to trigger our memories, he explores and shares his time growing up with the over 72 million boomers still active today.

Michael Tabman
Midnight Sin

Michael Tabman served as a police officer for three years before joining the FBI.  Michael investigated crimes ranging from white collar to bank robberies, organized crime, drug trafficking and money laundering.  His professional travels took him to Israel, Russia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.  After retiring, Michael founded and still works at SPIRIT Asset Protection, LLC as a security and risk management consultant and public speaker.

Carlene Tejada
Blue Pearls

Carlene Richardson Tejada teaches English as a Second Language, in which she holds an M.A..  She grew up in New Hampshire but spent her adult life in several locales, including New York City, Arizona, Georgia, and El Salvador, Central America.  Wherever Carlene settles, she offers writing workshops for women.  She has written articles for home plans magazines and Natural Health.  One of her short stories was published in North Dakota Review.  Some poems in this book first appeared in Northern New England Review, The Poet’s Touchstone, The Burning Cloud Review, and White Pelican Review.

John M. Wills
Chicago Warriors – Gripped by Fear
Chicago Warriors – Midnight Battles in the Windy City
Chicago Warriors – Targeted
Lessons from the Street – Volume I
Lessons from the Street – Volume II

John spent thirty three years in law enforcement, working the streets in Patrol, Special Operations, posing as an undercover agent, and as a street survival instructor.  He is the recipient of two of the highest awards given for valor by the Chicago Police Department, and has worked violent crime, organized crime, and drugs while an FBI Agent.  He has published dozens of articles on training and police survival.  This is his second novel in the Chicago Warrior thriller series.

John is retired from the Bureau.  His last assignment was as an Instructor at the FBI Academy, in Quantico, VA.  He lives with Christine his wife of thirty-nine years.  They have been blessed with three fantastic children and four marvelous grandchildren.

Jerry Yellin
The Letter
The Resilient Warrior

Jerry was a WW 2 fighter pilot from Hillside, NJ.  He flew P-51’s over Japan from Iwo Jima.  Married to Helene for 60 years, they have four sons and six grandchildren, three in America and three born and raised in Japan.  Jerry is the author of the award winning historical fiction book The Blackened Canteen and his memoir Of War and Weddings about his life as a warrior and his transformation when his son married the daughter of his enemy.  He and Helene live in Florida.