Our Authors

Our Authors 

Bob Doer
The Enchanted Coin
The Rescue of Vincent

Mina Mauerstein Bell
Max and Voltaire: Getting to Know You

Kim Wheeler
Johnny Plumb and the Golden Globe
Jonny Plumb and the Silver Spaceship
Jonny Plumb and the Lost City of Amaranta
Jonny Plumb and the Battle to Save Earth

Richard Baran
The Dutchman’s Gift

Jeffrey Lovell
Jazz and Ella

Don Brewer
Worthy of Trust and Confidence
Thunder Canyon

M.L Hollinger
Josh Martin Space Commander

The Disney Travel Guide Books
Inside Scoop to Magic Kingdom
Inside Scoop to Disney Studios
Inside Scoop to Epcot
Inside Scoop to Animal Kingdom

Joe Hinshaw
In the Closet and Under the Bed

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