Heroes and Idols

Tess, Stan, Georgie and Gil had their idols.  Tess worshipped her World War II era burlesque star, Aunt Rose and an Ojibwa Indian Chief, John Proud Bear in Lunch with a Gypsy. Georgie, a young father entangled in an affair, drew guidance from his immigrant Italian grandmother, Nana Beam’s whiskey induced lessons about repentance in I’ve Got a Secret. Stan idolized his two cantankerous grandfathers and their lesson he learned about the real world. It was the death of his wife and then his mother that led him back to his high school sweetheart from four decades ago in The One that Got Away. Thirteen year old Gil had three heroes.  His Poppy Paul taught him to respect his given name, Gilead.  Gil’s father formally introduced him to Wrigley Field the day after the Chicago Cubs traded Gil’s third idol, Andy Pafko to the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Tragically, death claimed Gil’s father soon after and Gil later found a unique way to keep his dad’s memory alive in Trading Prushka.

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