Old Joe’s Pirate Adventure: The Dolphins

Old Joe’s Pirate Adventures comes from a time when the author read to his children and grandchildren in their early years. Old Joe and his grandson’s then become the main characters in this series when they visit Disney’s Pirate Adventure only to be swept away in a whirlwind to a deserted beach where they are deposited by the mouth of a dark cave. The cave holds many secrets but the main secret is a centuries old Pirate Ship once owned by Davey Jones. They take over the ship and many adventures follow

A unique heartwarming story about Old Joe and his grandson’s Bradley and Barrett who were caught up in a great pirate’s adventure. Bradley and Barrett learn the true meaning of adventure, courage and the importance of friendship. Follow the adventures of Old Joe, and his grandson’s Bradley and Barrett as they take the helm of a long lost pirate ship and embark on their new life and adventures.

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