Ava and Alan Macaw: Meet the Friendly Hyrax

One day, while Ava and Alan were stretching their wings, they see a small creature with two teeth protruding from the front of its mouth. It was chittering and walking along. Ava and Alan landed near the creature and introduced themselves. Hailey, the hyrax, was happy to meet them. The three of them walked together back to Hailey’s home. There, Ava and Alan would be thrust into yet another adventure with the hyraxes. Join Ava and Alan on this exciting adventure.

Jessica Tate received her degree in English at NWCCD – Gillette Campus in Wyoming where she was the Editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper. She has received multiple awards for her articles and has edited several best-selling books. She began Editing and Advertising at TotalRecall Publications in 2011 and has narrated over 20 children’s books. Now, she continues to help authors with promotion, marketing, and advertising for their books through her role as Creative Director. The Magical Macaw books are her first foray into writing children’s books.

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